Learn more with us about the hemp properties

You will be surprised with the hemp properties used on Methee hemp bags. Using products made from hemp fabrics will surely provide you with below benefits:

1. Durability 

hemp properties - durability

Durability-hemp properties

The fabrics made from hemp fiber has the strongest and most durable texture of all fabrics in the world, and it has also the great tensile properties but soft with no irritation to your skin. So, your Methee hemp bag will last for extremely long time as hemp textile is extremely durable. This is one of the best benefits derived from hemp properties.

2. Water and moisture repellent

hemp properties-water repellent

Water repellent-hemp properties

The nature of hemp fiber offers some certain level of water and moisture repellent characteristic. However, the level of water repellent characteristic in natural hemp properties still not satisfy us. That is why we coat some of our hemp fabrics with some natural coating (herbs base) to level up the water repellent properties.

*(Our fabrics’s water repellent properties is up to a certain level, not 100% water resistant if you dip it into the water)

3. Anti bacteria, dust mites and fungus

hemp properties-anti bacteria

Anti bacteria-hemp properties

As the natural structure of our hemp fabric has its own unique properties, it allows the oxygen or air flowing inside the hemp fabric structure. So, it acts like an anti-bacterial mechanism. Anaerobic bacteria cannot survive on any products made from hemp fabric. Moreover, our hemp fabric also offer protection against mildew, germ, dust mites and fungus.

4. Stay away from bad odor

hemp properties-eliminate bad smell

Eliminate bad smell-hemp properties

Imagine when you open your bag which inside had contained many kinds of stuff before, and you have to smell the bad odor of your bag. The special uniqueness of the hemp fiber structure allows ventilation, so this will surely eliminate most of the bad odor. No more headache about bad odor when using Methee hemp bag because this great hemp properties will help you on this !

Methee Wu