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What is Methee hemp bags ?

Methee is a brand of eco friendly hemp bags made of hemp fabrics and other eco friendly materials from Thailand leading by a Thai designer “Methee Wu”. In reality, ranging from sourcing ==> logistics ==> production ==> logistics ==> store, it is difficult to make every single detail in each step to be wholly 100% green (such as transportation that we still need to rely on car that may produce CO2).

Even we still can not make a wholly 100% eco friendly hemp bags but we are now striving hard everyday to make it closest to the perfection. So, we are proud to say that the delicate blend of the fashion, environmental and societal concern production/design concept are what you will find in our eco friendly hemp bags.

Methee’s philosophy

With the rise of the awareness on the global environmental issues, it is a call for us to stand up and put attention on what we are doing as a part of the activities causing the environmental issues.

Seeing the necessity to preserve the nature and society together with keeping the fashion in mind“, this core philosophy is always in concern when designing our eco friendly hemp bags,

said Methee Wu.

Why choosing Methee hemp bags ?

We do take our core philosophy into account. We do not just advertise it but we make it !

  • Selectively and carefully chosen hemp fabrics from the eco-friendly sources of hemp fibers.
  • Hemp fibers weaving by using Thai traditional process to minimize the pollution not the industrial scale process that normally produces more pollution. 
  • Colouring the fabrics with only the natural colours.
  • Production process which puts the “minimization of pollution” concept on emphasis.
  • The use of labour which always pay attention on ” care”, “happiness” and “fairness”.

So, if you are Methee hemp bags user, then you are also the one who supports and encourages the eco-friendly products.

Thank you very much for your time spending on our history

Methee Wu
The designer of Methee hemp bags