HEMP BAGS by Methee

Come and browse our online store www.hempmethee.com for eco-friendly hemp bags (sativa bags). Under the brand name “Methee“, we promise to deliver the superb quality of hemp bags as well as the deep emphasis to maintain our environment and also the care for the society. With us, you are guaranteed by our strong determination to design and create the eco-friendly fashion bags for the benefits of both users and the world:

  • Eco friendly supply chain
  • Superb quality
  • Designful
  • Care for labor and society

We are located in Thailand, one of the places which has the great hemp plant species to produce good quality hemp fabrics for the manufacture of hemp bags. Moreover, with a long tradition of the hemp fabric usage of the hill tribe in Thailand, you will be assured with the highest expertise blended into our Methee hemp bags.  Currently, we need entrepreneurs outside Thailand who have the will to become green business owners. No matter who you are: a small business owner or even a general hemp user. You are welcome to be our distributor to push forward our eco friendly bags which we are truly confident that it shares mutual benefits for human, society and environment. Please kindly visit our distributorship request page. You are invited first to visit our product page for our hemp bags Please feel free to contact us ! 

Methee Wu,
The designer of Methee hemp bags
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